Benefits of 3D Food Printing

Delicious, Healthy Food

3D food printing uses real food. You control the ingredients. Want non-GMO, organic or vegan ingredients? The Foodini state-of-the-art appliance prints fresh ingredients YOU control and prepare into custom designs you  define.

3D Food Printing gives you all the capabilities of being a custom food manufacturer right in your own kitchen – creating new tastes, textures, and shapes without preservatives and additives.

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Custom Designs, Branding, Storytelling

3D Food Printing offers stand out design opportunities – from shapes and designs already loaded onto onboard software, to custom text, logos, shapes, .jpgs and other designs you can import and print. Have an idea? Design, print and plate on the spot with Foodini!

Endless customization, personalization, branding and chef storytelling opportunities to set you apart, impress customers and personalize to customers like never before experienced in the culinary world.

Print your company brand logo, chef signature, summer theme, wedding theme, festival theme, sports theme, children’s prints, an entire brand story-line spanning course to course – it’s up to you! Dream it, print it with Foodini.

Pictured above: Guacamole design printed on Foodini inspired by architecture near a Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. Photo courtesy of Natural Machines.

Chef Support, Automation, & Precision Replication

Save time and money, automate tedious and repetitive tasks with ease and precision, plate with exact replication each and every time, reduce food waste by printing excess ingredients into beautiful designs that command high menu value, and experiment with new flavors and textures.

Foodini makes culinary creation and plating easier than ever, including designs and flavors never before possible by hand.

Foodini is great for plating back of the house – but also think of Foodini as a terrific attention grabber front of the house.

Photo: Spherification with Foodini.

Health & Personalized Nutrition

Foodini 3D food printer is a SMART, intelligent appliance designed for health from the beginning by always allowing users to fully control their own fresh ingredients from sweet to savory. Foodini also offers additional benefits for health and nutrition, including: ability to personalize nutrition (including adding supplements and medications), ability to precisely portion control, and offering new solutions for alternative proteins and vegan diets.

Our 3D food printer is already being used in hospitals to assist with clinical nutrition needs of patients, particularly those on consistency modified or dysphagia diets – and an endless array of nutritious, attractive meal designs can also be 3D food printed for pediatric use cases. Foodini is also used in universities for leading research on health and nutrition.

Rapid Prototyping & Research

Following the path of traditional 3D printers, 3D food printers are used to help companies conduct rapid prototyping and test product concepts. Additionally, as traditional 3D printer usage extended into unexpected and innovative uses, from actual manufacture of products to printing prosthetics and even printing with living tissues for organ replacement – so has the usage and application of 3D food printers.

3D food printers are now used for a variety of research, development and innovation projects from printing alternative proteins, molecular gastronomy, printing sushi, printing insects, sustainability initiatives, deep personalization as big data grows, and more.


3D food printing offers significant opportunities for reducing food waste and increasing sustainability for our planet, from making imperfect produce uglies look beautiful, to using and plating plant biomass not generally harvested, to recovering nutritious seafood by-catch and trimmings formerly considered waste and working with alternative proteins – from insect proteins to algae and other vegan options – in creative and appetizing new ways.

The benefits 3D food printing offers for food waste reduction and sustainability have only begun! Have an idea? Contact us. We would love to partner to save our planet and feed people.

Photo: Broccoli star. A great way to upcycle imperfect produce – and a hit with kids!

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