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Who Uses 3D Food Printers?

Chefs in Restaurants, Bakeries & Catering

With Foodini, you control all ingredients and flavors. From sweet to savory, including vegetables, fruits, dairy, proteins, doughs, chocolate and more – Foodini can print it!

Dream it and print it. Create custom, signature designs right on the spot with our user-friendly touch screen creator. Upload logos, .jpgs, choose shapes, select fonts and text – or print from our gallery of hundreds of pre-loaded design combinations.

Explore new flavors and textures. Personalize and brand. Chef story tell. Reduce food waste. Attract attention. Automate tedious tasks. Create designs not possible by hand. Precisely control portions. Replicate and plate with precision. Foodini does it all.

Food Tech, Universities, & Culinary Schools

Leading universities, molecular kitchens, food tech companies and culinary institutes training the next generation of hospitality, culinary arts and food science professionals use the 3D food printing.

From exploring new flavors and textures, rapid prototyping, personalizing nutrition and researching integrations of AI and IoT, reducing food waste, incorporating alternative ingredients and exploring sustainability, the Foodini 3D food printer is a SMART appliance well-suited for learning, research, development and innovation.

Download the “Ultimate Guide to 3D Food Printing” for a variety of use cases.

Hospitals, Health Care & Senior Living

3D food printing offers compelling opportunities for health care organizations to print and serve eye appealing, flavorful, fresh food  vs. pureed food or food molds for patients on dysphagia or consistency modified diets. 3D food printing also offers immense opportunity to precisely control portions and personalize nutrition  – even including ability to add medications and supplements.

Pictured is a modified, smooth food consistency meal of organic chicken baked with onion, broth and potatoes with organic carrots, sweet potato and collagen powder supplement. Captivating designs for children can also be easily made.

University of Utah Hospital uses Foodini for patients with dysphagia and has reported patients are significantly more inclined to eat as a result.

Food Service & Manufacturers

Major food brands use 3D food printing to optimize and customize food and ingredients, rapid prototype, create signature recipes and designs, reduce food waste, explore sustainability, and explore personalization of flavor, nutrition and food design for varying audiences.

In one exciting project, Foodini is currently being used by an Icelandic seafood company to explore increasing seafood sustainability by reducing seafood waste 3D food printing by-catch, seafood “uglies,” and trimmings near bone and cartilage that would have previously been food waste after larger fillets have been harvested.

Dining Experiences & Events

Personalization is one of food’s biggest trends and 3D food printing offers boundless opportunities to personalize food designs to better connect with customers. With Foodini, food service can be customized to increase connection with customers for any given event or theme, from sports to music, children’s themes, holidays, special occasions, brand story-telling and more.

Wish to explore how the Foodini 3D food printer may work for your organization before you purchase? Retain us to deliver a custom food branding service at your next event where you can see first-hand the value of customer-driven personalization that 3D printed food design can bring to dining experiences and events.

STEM/STEAM Education

A variety of educational institutions, including elementary, middle school, high school and mobile STEM/STEAM labs and kitchens incorporate 3D food printing as part of a well-rounded, hands-on, fun and interesting way for students to learn various facets of science, technical, engineering, arts, and math disciplines. We offer a full curriculum customized to your needs.

Interested in purchasing a 3D food printer or scheduling one of our representatives to deliver an exciting presentation for your school including student involvement and taste testing? Contact us at to inquire.

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